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How to access a webinar

Connect with Maths community events use the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Virtual Conference Centre and new Adobe Connect platform.

Instructions for participants to prepare and attend the event 

You will be asked to click on a Adobe Connect weblink provided for each session. Each session has a unique link that looks like this:

Adobe Connect
Online: Click on this Adobe Connect link to enter Xxxx's session


Please login up to half an hour before the session. Technical support and training will be available half an hour before the session starts. 

Documentation will be available onlne during the session and after the session, the recording and the learning materials will be available in the Learning section of the relevant community website.

NOTE: You will need to be a member of the community to access the resources after the event.

Registration for membership of Connect with Maths communities and attendance at the webinars is FREE

Getting started

It’s easy to start participating in Connect with Maths webinars. You need is a computer with an internet connection and possibly a microphone headset to enable you to listen, speak and participate in activities. From a computer or laptop you can also use a webcam to integrate video into your web conference. Many laptops and smart devices now have this capability built in.

To prepare for the webinar, follow the steps below:

Adobe Connect
Step 1: Install the software

To use Adobe Connect, you may need to update the Flash plugin in your browser. You will be prompted to do this. It doesn't take long to download onto your computer, iPhone, iPad or android device.

To download the app for your mobile device go to the App Store for the relevant device click the following link



Adobe Connect
Step 2: Test your connection

After you click on the Adobe Connect weblink you will be prompted to enter your name as guest and enter the room.


Adobe Connect
Step 3: Prepare for your Connect with Maths webinar

To access an online orientation guide that steps you through how to prepare for your first webinar in Adobe Connect room go to

Getting Started (web)

Quick Start guide for participants (pdf)


Please contact the Connect with Maths team if you need any further help.