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This full colour booklet incorporates the latest research about young children’s learning to assist educators, parents and carers foster numeracy.

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Parents as Educators: Mathematics in the Home


[Early Years Learning in Mathematics community]
Professional workshop | Early years
Presenters: Jennifer Bowden and Ellen Corovic
Wednesday July 8, 2015
10:30am – 11:25am (SA, NT)
11:00am- 11:55am (TAS,VIC,NSW, QLD)
9:00am- 9:55am (WA) 
Face to Face: UniSA City East Campus, Playford Building, level 4, Room P4-16

Online: Click on this Adobe Connect link to enter Ellen and Jennifer's session http://connect.vic.edu.au/cwm-150708-bowden/

Every day, parents pack the bags of their early learners and send them off to school. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could pack their little minds with the skills, concepts and attitudes to ensure they achieve success as emerging mathematicians? Jennifer Bowden (Maths Education Consultant) and Ellen Corovic (Maths Education Consultant) will discuss and share ideas about the way parents can become more effective ‘educators’ as they engage in mathematics through play, conversation and creativity. This presentation will be streamed live over the Internet as a Connect with Maths webinar.

Jennifer Bowden has extensive experience in developing high quality mathematical learning experiences for students through games. She is a leading mathematics educator consulting for the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) and is involved in primary mathematical programs that engage and challenge teachers and students. Jennifer provides teacher mentoring and coaching facilitation for in-school extension, enrichment and remedial programs.

Ellen Corovic studied teaching after completing an Applied Science Degree. Her passion for clear, targeted and purposeful learning saw her excel as a graduate teacher as she quickly took to a variety of leadership positions. Ellen led a team of teachers to win an Innovations and Excellence award in 2006. Since working with the Mathematical Association of Victoria, Ellen has continued to focus on clear and purposeful learning while delivering a range of targeted professional development sessions for teachers, and writing of curriculum documents.

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