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All students should be encouraged to engage with higher order thinking tasks. This book uses a critical and creative thinking tool called Thinkers Keys, adapted to be specifically mathematical.

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Consumer and Financial Literacy

About the project

This is a project to provide advice to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) on the promotion and support of Consumer and Financial Literacy in the context of the development and implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

A working group (with members from affiliated associations in all states and territories) has been established to contribute to the four key aspects of the project:

  •  to provide feedback on draft Australian Curriculum documents;
  •  to develop a resources map to assist teachers in implementation of the new curriculum;
  •  to identify teachers' needs in relation to consumer and financial literacy; and
  •  to promote consumer and financial literacy to teachers of mathematics.


Outline of project

Consumer and Financial Literacy Final Report Summary

Consumer and Financial Literacy Report