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Pivot for student feedback

Following classroom trials last year, Pivot have joined with AAMT to offer their student feedback process with specific questions for students about their mathematics classrooms to help mathematics teachers better understand their students’ learning dispositions. Feedback from teachers who have been involved has been positive.

As a special deal for Semester 2 your school can receive up to 10 free Pivot licences if maths teachers are included.

Each participating teacher will receive a confidential results report, and the Maths Head of Department and other school leaders will also receive aggregated result reports for the school, broken down by department and year level.  The deal includes access to Pivot’s applications for self-assessment, classroom observations and goal setting, along with their extensive resources library to help inform your professional learning.

The flyer (below) contains more information; or go to www.pivotpl.com; or email dana@pivotpl.com.

Pivot flyer