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Playing with Place Value

Playing with place value

Place value may seem a simple concept but it can be very difficult to teach successfully. There are many materials available to use in the classroom, but which ones work? When should they be used? Respected educator, Paul Swan, presents well-researched approaches which will help you to teach, and your students to learn, place value.

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Mathematics Professional Development

Improving Teaching Using the Problem-Solving Cycle and Leadership Preparation Models

Mathematics professional developemnt
Hilda Borko, Jennifer Jacobs, Karen Koellner, Lyn Swackhamer

Developing and maintaining a professional learning community is an essential element of a well-functioning school. This book will help school leaders conduct ongoing, structured learning opportunities tailored to the needs and interests of the participating mathematics teachers.


The program is based on implementing a problem-solving cycle through a series of three workshops. At the first workshop, an interesting problem is presented. Here is an example: “What is the difference between a cylinder and a disc? Write a formula to measure the ‘disc-ness’ of any cylindrical object.” The participants solve the problem, discuss solution strategies and then develop lesson plans. The lesson is then taught and video-taped. The following workshop analyses the videos, focussing on student thinking with respect to the mathematics, the next workshop on analysing the role played by the teacher when implementing the lesson in the classroom.


The latter section prepares school leaders to facilitate the professional learning: how to plan the workshops and effective strategies for leading the workshops. The book includes detailed examples of workshop activities for both teachers and leaders.


Strengthen teachers’ knowledge, analytic skills and sense of community.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-8077-5655-3
Year Levels: F - 12
Publisher: NCTM
Page Count: 138
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Product number: NCT626
Keywords: Teacher professional reading

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