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About The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Inc., founded in 1966, is the nation’s premier organisation of mathematics educators. It aims to:

  •  support and enhance the work of teachers;
  •  promote the learning of mathematics; and
  •  represent and promote interests in mathematics education.

It is a federation of associations of teachers of mathematics from each Australian State and Territory and has around 4500 individual and institutional members.

AAMT actively serves the needs of members and others in the mathematics education community through:

The Association is funded through membership fees and its other activities.

The Council of the AAMT is the decision-making body (like the 'board of directors'). The Council consists of one member from each State and Territory, together with a President, President Elect or Immediate Past President, and Treasurer. The Council meets at least four times per year. The Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in conjunction with the Council's second meeting for the year (second quarter).

The Council are all volunteers. They are assisted in managing the day to day affairs of the Association by a salaried office staff. More detailed information about how the Association operates can be found in its constitution and regulations.

Information brochure about AAMT

An overview of the association and its activities.

Constitution and Regulations

The Constitution and Regulations of the Association.

Strategic plan 2014–16

The strategic plan for the association can be downloaded as a PDF file using the link below.

Annual reports

AAMT policies and position statements

The AAMT has published a variety of formal policy and position statements on assorted topics related to mathematics education.

Special honours

A listing of Life Members of the Association and people to whom Distinguished Service Awards have been made.