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Australian Curriculum 2013

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Joint statement

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National Curriculum position

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The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

Australian Curriculum 2013

The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics is now in use for F–10 around the country, with the senior years beginning to be used in the jurisdictions. It is timely, therefore, that AAMT has a position on its implementation, processes for reviewing the ACM, and, ultimately, on how it should be redeveloped.

Joint statement on national curriculum development (2008)

Click on the link below to download a statement made jointly in June 2008 by the four national professional associations involved in the first 'round' of national curriculum development (the Australian Association for the Teaching of English, the History Teachers Association of Australia, The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and the Australian Science Teachers Association).

AAMT Position Paper on National Curriculum (2008)

Click on the link below to download a position paper on the development of national curriculum in mathematics, agreed by AAMT Council in mid-2008.

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