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Privacy and disclosure

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers adheres to the National Privacy Principles outlined in the Privacy Act (1988), the Privacy Amendment Act (2012), and the Privacy Regulation (2013).

AAMT and its Affiliates (State- and Territory-based associations) collect and store personal information for the purposes of delivering goods and services to members and others.

This information may include names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and other personal information.

This information is only available to relevant officers of the Affiliate and AAMT, and is not made available to third parties without the explicit permission of the individual(s) concerned.

By providing AAMT with your postal or email or address, you may receive mail and emails from AAMT about relevant news and events.

How is information collected?

AAMT’s affiliated associations collect membership information which is passed on to AAMT. AAMT does not pass on personal information collected by one Affiliate to other Affiliates, except where permission has been granted by the individual(s) concerned.

Other information may collected by ordering goods or services from AAMT, or by signing up for online services provided by AAMT.

How is the data stored?

Information is stored electronically in databases on computers in the AAMT office, on web-servers, and on other computers, which may include cloud services, as well as being backed up onto other computers or hard drives.

Information may also be stored as hard copies in the AAMT office.

Information may be kept for a number of years for relevant business audit purposes.

To the best extent possible, the information stored by AAMT is kept secure. However, AAMT will not be held liable for the loss or misuse of information derived by illegal activity.

Can I access or amend my information?

AAMT and its Affiliates attempt to maintain accurate records at all times. You can verify or amend your personal information by contacting the AAMT office.

You can request the removal of your personal information by writing (by post or email) to the AAMT office (office@aamt.edu.au; GPO Box 1729, Adelaide SA 5001).

AAMT will action the removal within 14 days of receiving the request and will acknowledge having done so.


If you feel that your personal information has been misused by AAMT, please contact:

Will Morony
Chief Executive Officer
GPO Box 1729
Adelaide SA 5001
08 8363 0288

More information

For more information about privacy and your personal information, please contact the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner on (phone) 1300 363 992 or (email) enquiries@oaic.gov.au; or go to www.oaic.gov.au.