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Effective teachers of numeracy in primary schools: Teachers' beliefs, practices and pupils' learning

This is a report of a large study carried out with 90 teachers and over 2000 primary students. It sought links between teachers' practices, beliefs and knowledge and pupil learning outcomes.

tdt_R_askew1.pdf 380.50 kB

Connected understanding

Reflections on some past events are used to help explain levels of mathematical understanding.

tdt_R_mousley1.pdf 355.60 kB

Autumn leaves: Problem solving in an early years classroom

A neophyte teacher was developing an innovative child-centred teaching style that included half-hour problem posing sessions for mathematics in her year 1 class in Australia. It demonstrates an alternative approach to early years mathematics teaching and some dilemmas that this raised for the teacher.

tdt_R_mousley2.pdf 332.17 kB

Facilitating the development of proportional reasoning through teaching ratio

This article presents points of growth in students' thinking about ratio problems and suggests implications for the classroom teacher.

Why reasoning?

This professional article explores the significance of reasoning in the mathematics classroom, concentrating on the proof of mathematical results.

tdt_R_stacey1.pdf 983.93 kB

Challenging mathematics in primary school national examination in Singapore

This paper discusses the culture of challenge that has developed in the Singapore mathematics classroom. It provides an analysis of test items from a recent primary school national examination and describes a study on a typical year 6 class.

tdt_R_yeap1.pdf 155.38 kB