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AAMT journals

AAMT publishes two professional journals for those with an interest in mathematics education:

APMC cover

Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom (APMC)

The APMC publishes papers considering the teaching and learning of mathematics applicable to early years (pre-F) and primary school students (Years F–6/7). Papers tend to have a very practical focus with reports and ideas for teaching activities, as well as reporting research which has a direct impact on classroom teaching. Papers will assist educators who may not have specific mathematics training to understand how children learn concepts which are built on in later years of schooling.

Editor: John West

Main readership: primary school teachers, pre-service teachers

Recommended paper length: 2000–3000 words + references

40 pp. per issue, 4 issues per annum

ISSN 1326-0286

AMEJ cover

The Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ)

In 2019, AAMT has launched a new journal, The Australian Mathematics Education Journal (AMEJ). There are two defined sections: Section 1 is suitable for an audience of upper-primary and middle-school teachers, and Section 2 is directed toward mathematics educators of senior high school and tertiary levels. There is a crossover of relevance to readers of both sections. The AMEJ is a 48 page, A4 journal, and published quarterly. It contains the same high quality of content found in our previous journals, the Australian Mathematics Teacher (AMT), and the Australian Senior Mathematics Journal (ASMJ). We encourage authors to submit articles for this exciting new publication.

Editors: Margaret Marshman, Jana Visnovska

Main readership: Upper-primary, middle-school and high-school teachers; tertiary mathematics educators; pre-service teachers.

Recommended paper length: 2000–3000 words + references

48 pp. per issue, 4 issues per annum


Editorial policy and guidelines for AAMT journals

This policy outlines the aims and processes of AAMT's journals, including descriptions of the journals, guidelines for papers, the peer-review process, publication roles and responsibilities.

Subscription details

AAMT members save on subscriptions to AAMT's professional journals.

How to contribute an article

Teachers, teacher education students, researchers and teacher educators are encouraged to submit articles to AAMT journals.

Sample journal articles

Sample articles from Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, and Australian Mathematics Education Journal, published by AAMT.

Index of published articles

A searchable online index can be used to locate articles in back issues (excluding the current year) of Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom and The Australian Mathematics Education Journal. Individual articles are available for purchase (as PDF files, delivered via email). 

The Australian Mathematics Teacher and Australian Senior Mathematics Journal (back catalogue issues available on request)

Information for advertisers

All AAMT journals accept paid advertising (subject to the discretion of the AAMT office management). Use the link below to download details of advertising rates and copy deadlines.