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Community guidelines

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Inc. has provided these online communities to be used by its members and others in the wider mathematics education community, in line with the Association’s aims to: support and enhance the work of teachers; promote the learning of mathematics; and represent and promote interests in mathematics education.

In light of these aims, AAMT intends that these communities should be supportive learning environments. Users are encouraged to: ask questions; engage in debate; share links and resources; offer opinions and suggestions; and share knowledge.

It is expected that all users will behave in a manner and use language that is professional and respectful of other users.

AAMT anticipates that these online communities will develop their own rules over time and become self-policing with minimal administrative intervention.

Users who behave in an inappropriate manner may be warned or banned from the facility. Reasons for warning or banning a user might include: swearing; bullying; name-calling; making derogatory or defamatory remarks; sharing materials that would constitute a breach of the Copyright Act; making proposals that are overtly commercial in nature. Banning users is at the discretion of the facility’s administrators on behalf of the AAMT.

The opinions expressed by individuals within this facility are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the AAMT.

AAMT does not endorse or take any responsibility for the content (or related or linked content) of any contributions made by users to this community.

Users acknowledge that anything they contribute to these online communities: are given freely with no expectation of reward or return (financial or otherwise); may be used, shared and adapted by others; and will not constitute a breach of the Copyright Act.

Comments and materials shared in this facility are public and users should ensure that contributions are made with due consideration to content, including the privacy of students and others.

Contributions to this community may not be used for commercial purposes (i.e., materials contributed may not be reworked for sale and any comments about commercial products may not be used for promotional purposes).

Users of this facility do so at their own risk; AAMT takes no responsibility for any consequences of the online environment (e.g., viruses, computer crashes) or of following the advice of other users.

AAMT may revise these guidelines at any time without notice.