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National Mathematics Day 2015

2015 is the International Year of Light.

Let's shine a light on the Proficiencies on Friday 21 August.

Have some fun (and integrate the Proficiencies) by exploring these rich tasks with your students.

Click on 'more' to discover the many possibilities of "low threshold, high ceiling" tasks. These are sourced from NRICH, University of Cambridge. There is also commentary on integrating the Proficiencies.

Activity: Magic Vs


Place each of the numbers from 1 to 5 in a V shape so that the two arms of the V have the same total sum.

Activity: Happy halving


Can you split various shapes in half so that the two parts are exactly the same?

Activity: Reach 100


Your challenge is to place four different digits from 1 to 9 in a 2 x 2 grid that give four two-digit numbers which add to a total of 100.

Activity: Triangle midpoints


Construct a triangle from its three midpoints.

Activity: Strike it out

A game that involves calculations from crossing out numbers on a number line from 0 to 20.


Linking it all together

Paper by Lynne McClure (former director of NRICH) on 'low threshold, high ceiling tasks', published 2015 in Mathematics: Learn, Lead, Link (Proceedings of the 25th Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc.).