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National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2016

Who Won It?

‘Who won it?’ uses statistics in sport as a means of exploring data analysis. The activity centres on a contest between students to discover the final winner of a fictitious championship in two sports, Australian Rules football and Rugby League. ‘Who won it?’ introduces students to statistics and their practical application outside the classroom.

Which Way?

Which Way? comprises four spatial activities focusing on directional language. Students are encouraged to think logically, utilising a variety of tools to find their way and to guide others. From the pages of a book, around your classroom to the great outdoors, the choice is yours!

Thinkers are Winners

Thinkers are Winners is a series of strategy games designed to focus on the development of logical thought, mathematical reasoning and the ability to explain your thought processes. Play the games to discover the winning strategy and unlock the mystery.

Each activity is provided with options, considerations and key questions, making them adaptable and suitable for Foundation to Year 8.

Catch an Idea

Catch an Idea is your chance to catch a maths moment! Whether you are indoors or outside, looking at patterns or playing sports, in the kitchen or in outer space; maths helps make sense of the world! Students and teachers photograph a mathematics moment, caption it and share it (digitally or as a poster around the school). For example, take a photo of someone measuring ingredients, tiling a roof or a football player kicking a goal. Maths is everywhere!