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Previous projects and activities

Focus conferences

A variety of special interest focus conferences conducted by AAMT have addressed issues in the areas of graphics calculators, numeracy, mathematics for students in the middle years of schooling, and support for implementation of new curriculum across Australia.

National professional standards for accomplished primary teaching

During 2009 and early 2010 the AAMT worked with Teaching Australia to manage the development of national professional standards for highly accomplished primary teaching.

Consumer and Financial Literacy

A project to provide advice to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) on the promotion and support of Consumer and Financial Literacy in the context of the development and implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

ICT in Everyday Learning: Teacher Online Toolkit

During 2011-2 AAMT worked with Education Services Australia and other organisations to develop materials designed to assist teachers to make better and more purposeful use of ICTs in their teaching of mathematics – ICT in Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers. The website containing ICT Toolkit is now available.

Online Professional Learning

During 2009 & 2010 AAMT undertook a project with DEEWR to analyse online means for teacher professional learning, and to make suggestions about future pactice.

You Can Do Maths - a community service announcement

"You Can Do Maths" is a community service announcement by AAMT about careers involving mathematics

Maths: Why Not?

The AAMT, in conjunction with staff from the University of New England, conducted a project entitled Maths: Why Not? Unpacking reasons for students' decisions concerning higher-level mathematics in the senior years. The Final Report was released by the Deputy Prime Minister in April 2008; the Executive Summary and a discussion of key recommendations and their implications for the AAMT are also available.

Recognising Excellence: HAToM Candidates from the Catholic Education Office of Melbourne

The Catholic Education Office of Melbourne is supporting around 50 of its teachers to be assessed against the AAMT Standards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics in Australian Schools over a five year period.


The AAMT received funding from the Science, ICT and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR) initiative to conduct projects to improve services to non-metropolitan members.

Early Childhood Initiatives

An ongoing collaboration between AAMT and Early Childhood Australia (ECA) which has included the publication of a joint Position Paper on Early Childhood Mathematics.

Teaching Standards Assessment Evaluation Project

A project to pilot and evaluate a process for assessing teachers against the AAMT Standards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics in Australian Schools.

Professional Learning Using the Mathematics Standards

A project looking at use of the AAMT's Standards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics in Australian Schools in teachers' professional learning.

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