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The Maths Inside: Highlighting the Role of Mathematics in Society as Motivation to Engage More in Mathematical Activities project (managed by the University of Technology, Sydney) has developed inspirational videos and classroom resources that 'unpack' the mathematics involved in some of CSIRO's leading edge developments in science and technology.

Each set of classroom materials has a video which explains the work of the scientist(s)and the mathematics that they use, plus a suite of activities which further explore the mathematical ideas. 

Bees with backpacks

Colony collapse disorder in bee populations has the potential for disastrous effects on plant pollination. Australian scientists are fitting bees with electronic chips to build up a picture of the behaviour of a healthy hive.

Big data, better hospitals

Overcrowding in hospitals is one of the biggest challenges facing our healthcare systems. In order to reduce hospital waiting times, the Patient Admission Prediction Tool (PAPT) uses historical data to predict how many patients are expected to arrive at the Emergency Department every day of the year.

Cleaner coasts

Marine debris has a significant negative impact on our environment. How much rubbish is on our coastline? Where does it come from? How does it get there? What are the impacts on wildlife? What can be done to stop the debris going from the land into the ocean?

Knowing nutrition

Almost two in three Australian adults and one in four Australian children are overweight or obese. Excess weight is a major risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. Scientists are working to help people live healthier lives through diet and lifestyle programs, thus preventing illnesses and developing a better understanding of diseases.

Maths in 3-D

Zebedee is a handheld 3-D mapping system. It produces highly detailed and accurate 3-D images of caves, forests, interiors of buildings and crime scenes.

Modelling climate changes

Scientists make predictions about future climate using computer models that have been developed from taking averages about rainfall and temperature over long time-periods and over large areas of the earth. 

Major changes in climate can affect agriculture, amenity and infrastructure needs.

Prawns for profit

Wild prawns are subject to overfishing. Scientists can produce a higher yielding, more robust farmed prawn through genetic selection and careful monitoring of the environment. What makes a perfect prawn?

Stargazing with the SKA

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a multi-radio-telescope project that will allow scientists to study and collect information about the universe.