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Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is the largest and most authoritative peak body in the early childhood sector and are passionate about the wellbeing of all Australian children.


Early Years Learning in Maths News ~ November 2013

Today you will receive your first Early Years in Maths newsletter. Thank you to members who have contributed their time and effort in producing the content.   We  look forward to your contributions and newsworthy items.

Here is the link ~ Early Years Learning in Maths News

Welcome to our Community Leaders

Connect with Maths is a national project. Our Early Years Community Leaders are keen about early years learning in mathematics. They are able to contribute a national perspective and are here to assist in our new community. 

Our new Connect with Maths community

Welcome to our new Connect with Maths community for 2013. The Early Years Learning in Mathematics supports the teaching of mathematics for the Early Years, Birth to 8 years of age.  

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