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Resources are essential Education documents about mathematics education and those contributed to by members of the Make it count with Indigenous learners' community. These include foundation curriculum documents for the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and the General Capabilities for Intercultural Understanding to develop challenging mathematics curriculum and strategies for all students.

Key to using digital technologies for learning encourages students to be creative and producers of meaning. These activities challenge students to work collaboratively to seek answers using higher order thinking skills. Digital Learning and Mathematics is a free community website for educators promoting an awareness of digital tools for learning in mathematics.

Community engagement will focus on the discussion of curated resources that support teachers in the current pedagogies that effectively leverage just in-time learning, skill building, problem solving, conceptual development and use of emerging technologies for learning mathematics.

In summary, the Digital Learning and Mathematics community development areas currently are:

  • Awareness of digital tools for mathematics
  • Curated resources
  • Contemporary pedagogies
  • Just in-time learning
  • Skill building
  • Problem solving
  • Conceptual development
  • Visualisation
  • Emerging technologies

The Forum can be used to provide or request resources.  If you have resources (learning activities, reviewed weblinks, curriculum materials, research etc) you can share related to this community's focus please contact the Connect with Maths team at connectwithmaths@aamt.edu.au

Members are encouraged to provide resources for sharing and these may be of the following file types:

  • video, preferably an mpg, wmv, quicktime
  • podcast
  • suitable graphic with description
  • photos (check permissions if students are involved)
  • word document
  • pdf
  • weblinks (could be Slideshare, YouTube, an online application such as a relevant blog and so on)
  • ppt
  • webinar (this would need to be translated into an mpg file for easy access by community members)

Resources can include:

  • a Starting Point (see Home Page)
  • illustration of practice
  • narrative of success with students
  • lesson activities
  • student exemplars
  • illustration of a teacher professional standard
  • topic for a Starting Point
  • research
  • a presentation

 Please send your digital learning resources to the Connect with Maths team at connectwithmaths@aamt.edu.au

Include a brief descriptor of the relevance and context to the learning mathematics.


This will be a forever growing list of digital resources that support the teaching of mathematics leveraging digital technologies.

Learning Frameworks

Learning Frameworks for use with digital technologies in Mathematics are guidelines and practices that support and promote learning.


New Victorian course for students in Algorithmics recently approved by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority.